As independent publishers, we actively seek out those voices weaving a different story from the current mechanistic view of our world. We love works that look beyond the obvious into the heart of what it means to be human. We embrace books that enlighten, entertain, and inform us about what is, what might be, and which give insight into living life from a more spiritual and holistic perspective.

Our goal is to support new and emerging British writers’ careers, and we believe in quality over quantity. That is, not publishing to fill a schedule but publishing because the book shares a message which truly needs to be heard.

We produce both print and eBooks and actively seek new talent and collaborations, welcoming the opportunities they bring. From positively centred fiction to spiritual non-fiction; health to well-being; metaphysics to spirituality; astrology to tarot; ecology to earth mysteries, and wisdom to crystals, we offer our readers a wide selection of practical and inspirational resources.

Based on the principles of a true partnership with authors and team members, we publish in physical and digital formats across all English language territories. Where possible, we will sign all authors to a multi-book deal reflecting our commitment to helping build our authors’ careers.

How it all began

In 1997, Linda founded The Hysterectomy Association: a website for women to get the information they needed about this most personal of surgeries. To help fund the project she wrote her first book; The Pocket Guide to Hysterectomy. After being told by a well-meaning (we think!) mainstream publisher that “no publisher will look at a book about hysterectomy, there just isn’t the market for it.”, she decided to jump feet-first into the world of self-publishing having already captured a significant part of the market through the website.

Bitten by the bug, she went on to self-publish a further five books for women having a hysterectomy, under The Hysterectomy Association imprint. Later, she published two business books and ten anthologies for the Hysteria Writing Competition.

Crystal Clear Books began life as the imprint for Linda’s business books, novels and some Hysteria Writing Competition anthologies. The first independent author was published in 2012. A decade-long break then ensued while a decision was made about which direction to take.

In 2023, it was relaunched as a fully-fledged publishing business. Linda shares her knowledge to help other authors write and publish their transformational words on The Writing Shed at Substack.

Connect with Us

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As you browse our site, we hope that you’ll find offerings that help you discover the immense power of your thoughts and beliefs and learn that by changing just one thought, you can improve the quality of your life.

Thank you for your interest in Crystal Clear Books and we very much look forward to welcoming you into our family.