Where can I buy your books?

Our books, whether they are paperbacks, Kindle eBooks, and in other eBook formats are sold on-line through this website and through the Hysterectomy Association and at stores like Amazon, Blackwell’s, and Tesco online, as well as many other on-line outlets around the world.

What do you publish?

We publish books for women by women, written by British female authors who produce books on Women’s Health and Women’s Fiction.

What don’t you publish?

We don’t publish erotica or horror books or stories.

What’s your current reading time?

We normally take around 3 months to read a manuscript and make a decision about whether it is right for us or not, however this does depend on our current workload and we will advise you of our turnaround time before asking for a copy of your manuscript.

Can I talk to you about an idea I have?

We would rather see completed works or nearly completed works.

What about royalties and advances?

We don’t pay advances to any author but we do pay generous royalties on books sold through the various book sales channels we currently supply. These vary depending on the channel but will be between 25% and 50% of the income we receive from each channel. The amount of royalty we pay will vary according to whether we are taking on all the publication costs, whether we are receiving an author contribution and how much work we need to do to create a finished book.

Can I buy my books from you at a discount?

Authors we publish can buy copies of their books from us at a substantial discount for sale  themselves or to use in marketing activities and for book signings. Full payment, including post and packing charges will be required at the time the books are ordered.