We are an independent publisher producing working with authors who are writing or editing  books by women for women. Our specialism is in Women’s Health but we are also looking for good female-focused fiction.

We use Print on Demand technology to make our books available in printed format and we also produce books in a variety of formats. These technologies ensure that our books are available across as broad a range of audiences and marketplaces as possible. We also sell our books through the Hysterectomy Association online shop in both print and ebook formats. The Hysterectomy Association is the largest website of it’s type in the UK and has a significant audience from around the world.

All of our Authors books can also be purchased in our own online store in both print and ebook formats.

We only publish that which we think we can market effectively which means that we do not accept all submissions and we offer two types of service.

Traditional Publishing

This is traditional publishing in every sense. We will commission the book and we pay generous royalties to our authors on a sliding scale according to the market each copy is sold in. Please note that we do not offer advances.  We take on all the costs of publication and we make the book available for sale.

Author Contribution

In some cases we will ask authors to make a contribution towards the cost of publication, we would normally do this in cases where we feel that the book is worthy of publication but may be in such a niche market that the sales potential may not be enough to justify all the costs that we would incur. Our authors receive generous royalties which are paid monthly.

Publishing Activities

We undertake a range of activities on behalf of each book we publish which can include:

  • Editing
  • Copy editing
  • Proof reading
  • Indexing (where necessary)
  • Design and Layout (where necessary)
  • Typesetting
  • Cover Design
  • Obtaining Reviews (where possible)
  • Printing
  • eBook Conversion


The secret ‘sauce’ of selling books is in the marketing that takes place and we have put together a marketing platform which allows us to promote our authors and their books as widely as possible. This includes giving our Authors a platform on our website to write their own blog posts even they don’t have their own blog already.

We also encourage our authors to undertake many marketing activities as possible that they can do as well and we provide a private online training centre for all our Authors that is full of articles, guides, examples and demonstrations of a huge range of marketing techniques.