We are currently accepting submissions

Crystal Clear Books is an independent publisher actively seeking new and established authors. We are currently acquiring titles in the genres listed below. If you want to know if we are likely to be interested in your work, then check the list of genres before considering submitting. Please do not email us to ask if we make exceptions: we don’t.

We accept un-agented and agented submissions, as well as enquiries from self-represented writers and authors.

What we publish

Our favourite genres are fiction, poetry and non-fiction in the following genres: mind-body-spirit; health and healing; spirituality; earth mysteries; ecology; personal development; metaphysics; crystals; tarot; astrology; well-being and wisdom.

We especially look for innovative non-fiction books sharing an uplifting and positive message, as well as a well-developed concept our readers can connect with. We want to work with writers who have something interesting to say about the world around us.

At present, we only accept submissions from UK authors and we only publish books in the English (UK) language.

What we do not publish

We will consider any creative written work for adults that fits the genres we love listed above. We do not publish children’s books or non-written published material such as audiobooks.

Requirements for submission:

To submit, please send the following by email to: lph@crystalclearbooks.co.uk. Please include “Crystal Clear Books Submission” in the email subject line.

  1. Query letter in the body of the email telling us who you are; your address and telephone number; the working or actual title of your book; a single-line pitch; a three-paragraph synopsis; the genre; a 150-word author bio and a list of your social media accounts/websites/mailing lists if you have any. Please also tell us where you heard about us.
  2. Three sample chapters as a single attachment. If we are interested, we will request the entire manuscript.
  3. Please send attachments as Word or PDF documents; written double-spaced in an easy-to-read 12pt font. All pages should be numbered and have the title and your name in the header or footer.
  4. Please include the title of your book and your name in the file name.

We aim to respond to all submissions within 12 weeks. Due to the volume of submissions, we may not be able to give you a detailed response.